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updated 2/5/16

You’ve Booked Your Vacation – NOW WHAT?

First, let me thank you for booking our beach condo for your family vacation. We appreciate you trusting us to provide your family with a safe and friendly environment to have the ultimate beach vacation! This page came to be because my husband’s nickname for me is “Planny Plannerton.” When I go on vacation I have spreadsheets, maps, and details like you wouldn’t believe. I thought there might be other Mommy’s and Daddy’s out there that can appreciate that because, they too, are Planny Plannertons. Therefore, I have created this page. And after reading this page you have any additional questions, please email me and I will answer them and probably add them to the page for future guests that may have the same question.


When you arrive, you will park in the deck above Alvin’s Island. Park in the loading zone.

Remember, you’ll need to register with Splash Owner’s Association at the Splash Store directly adjacent to the pedestrian bridge to receive your parking passes and wristbands for pools/gym – required to be worn by guests age 12+.  They will provide you with wrist bands and parking passes that you’ll need for your entire stay. I would have 1 adult go to register and 1 adult grab a cart and start to unload your car, but if there’s a line and you don’t want to wait I recommend checking back later. It’s not required that it be done immediately upon arrival, but note that you will not receive the wristbands for the pool until you do. The registration fee is a single fee of $20 that provides you a parking pass for each car in your group, and wristbands for all over age 12. This is one fee for your entire group, not per person. Hours open 9am-5pm CST in off-peak season, and until 8pm in peak season. Please fill out registration form prior to your arrival to save time – PDF link here.

After you car is unloaded, please move it from the loading zone so other arriving guests have the same convenience.


You are more than welcome to arrive at Splash earlier than your 3pm check-in time. If the condo is cleaned and ready for move-in, you will be allowed to go ahead and move in. If it is not ready yet then you are more than welcome register and get your wristbands, get your beach chairs set up and use all of the property amenities (pools, beach, etc.) and text me at 702-466-2767 and I will confirm with you once the condo is ready for move in.


Splash is busiest on Saturdays during the time between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. when many people are checking out, checking in and additionally housekeeping is busy getting the rooms ready. Because of this, there could be an unusually long wait for elevators. I hope that you will all be patient through this high peak time and not get frustrated at the onset of what I hope will be a wonderful week for you. Get through this initial inconvenience and you should have a great week!

Most importantly, WEAR YOUR WRISTBANDS AT THE POOLS. Splash’s homeowners association employees several pool attendants and security guards whose #1 mission is to make sure no unauthorized people are inhabiting the pools, as well as maintaining the safety and security for all the families with little ones that Splash attracts. If you are not wearing your wristband, you can all but bet that you will be asked to leave the pool area to retrieve your wristband. I hope that you can see the “bright side” of this requirement – there are a lot of kids at Splash and we want them to remain safe.

For a detailed list of what is in the unit, by room, visit the “Condo Details” section of this site.


Once you get your stuff moved in to the condo, take a look around to make sure the unit is clean, that you have plenty of towels, washcloths, etc. – all linens are provided. There is 1 Graco Pack N Play in the closet of the guest bedroom – 1 crib sheet. In each bathroom you will be provided 1 roll of toilet paper , 1 large bar of soap, 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner. In the kitchen you will be provided 1 paper towel roll, 2 dishwasher detergent packets, 2 garbage bags, and 1 oven liner. Please call me directly at 702-466-2767 with any issues.

Maintenance Manager – if any appliances/plumbing/etc stop working, remotes need batteries, light bulbs need to be replaced, etc, please call Robbie Ward at 850-588-7707 option 2. I have pre-paid for routine maintenance and these items are already covered. If a large appliance breaks, we will have a company out to repair it right away.

PLEASE do not adjust the refrigerator or freezer temperatures. Things are different in the deep south, and with the super-high humidity at the beach the fridge is prone to “freezing up” if it is turned too low. Also, the fridge is open for long periods every Saturday during move outs, cleaning and move ins, so it may be Sunday before the fridge temperature is back to normal, but trust that it is cooling your food. Please resist the urge to adjust the temp.

Please be patient with the AC cooling when you first arrive and get unloaded. All the humid air comes in when you are moving your stuff in, and it can take a few hours for the temperature to regulate again. I only have one thermostat and it’s in the hallway by the front door – it often reads higher because of it’s proximity to the door. If you close the black out curtains and keep the doors closed the cooling process will be sped up.

WiFi internet can be accessed inside the unit and property-wide – even poolside!


Netflix is provided for free for all my guests that book their stay directly through me. You should be able to access it directly from the TV in the living room, but in the case that it is asking you to login, please call me and I will give you the login credentials.

A DVR has been included with upgraded cable TV in the living room. Feel free to DVR your favorite TV shows. Please delete them prior to your departure, but you can leave family-friendly movies recorded for other families to enjoy. There should already be some family friendly shows recorded and available to view.

Use the Wii! The kids will love it.


Don’t worry. Just call me at 702-466-2767 and let me know. You have already paid for a Property Damage Protection through VRBO and we’ll work together to resolve.


The beach entrance is located in between the two Splash towers. It’s 5 steps down from the pool deck and please note: they are steps, there is no ramp. BEACH CHAIRS MARCH-OCTOBER STAYS: Please visit the Aquatic Adventures tiki hut on the beach located adjacent to the steps. Tell them you are staying in condo 2102W GRANT and they will let you know which chairs/umbrella you have been assigned to. (Suggest doing this right when you arrive at Splash so you get the best chairs available.) You may request to move chairs, but any changes must be coordinated through the beach attendant. Please also confirm the length of your visit with them so they can let you know if that will be your assigned beach chairs for the entire stay. If you find someone freeloading on your assigned chairs, I suggest asking the beach attendant to confront the freeloaders so that you do not have to worry with the attitude that sometimes comes along in situations like this. 🙂 Please know that the beach chairs are provided to you, complimentary, as our gift to you. The value of the chairs are $42 per day, and I cover this cost for you. Complaints about beach chair attendants can be directed to James Vaught with Aquatic Adventures at 850-596-0699. If you want to rent jet skis, pontoon boats, para-sailing  etc., please tell them “Mike said to give me a 10% discount” and you should get one.



The west tower (where my unit is located) includes the Bucket, Splash’s water park feature. It also includes a large pool and a 12 person Jacuzzi. The east tower includes 2 large pools, the lazy river pool, and the tot splash pad. Most importantly, WEAR YOUR WRISTBANDS AT THE POOLS. The East tower pool is heated almost year-round, and always in the colder months. The Jacuzzi is heated year-round. The lazy river is heated. No other pools or water attractions are heated.


Please place dirty dishes in dishwasher and start before you leave. Please take trash bags to trash chute.

Check-out time is 10:00 AM CST. If you do happen to leave earlier, please call or text me @ 702-466-2767 so I can pass that information along to Housekeeping.

Please make sure you double check to ensure you did not leave any of your personal items behind.


There is an Alvin’s Island on-site and they have stuff like you would find at a 7-11, but definitely priced higher than a grocery store.



Last, but certainly not least, HAVE A GREAT TIME! I look forward to your feedback after your stay. I’m always looking for ways to improve our condo, so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

– Jen and Dan Grant


Don’t forget, we have a DVR and you are welcome to record all your favorite shows! Please delete before you leave. Note: most channels are also in HD, scroll to the 300s-500s for HD channels.

002 – ABC 108 – Nat Geo Wild 421 – TBS HD
003 – NBC 109 – National Geographic 422 – History HD
004 – CBS 110 – Science 424 – Discovery HD
007 – Beach TV 111 – ID 425 – TLC HD
008 – Fox 112 – Military 426 – Animal Planet HD
009 – ESPN 113 – DESTAMER 427 – Syfy
010 – QVC 114 – BBC America 428 – Fox News HD
011 – PBC 115 – Bio 429 – AMC HD
013 – WGNAMER 116 – H2 431 – ABC HD
019 – TV Land 117 – We 432 – NBC HD
020 – NBC Sports 118 – Style 433 – CBS HD
021 – OWN Oprah 119 – LMN 434 – Fox HD
022 – Disney 120 – Soap 438 – PBS HD
023 – Hallmark 121 – DIY 439 – Beach TV HD
024 – Speed 122 – Cooking 441 – Weather HD
025 – TCM 124 – Cartoon Network 442 – Cartoon Network HD
026 – CSS 128 – Sprout 443 – Nickelodeon HD
027 – FSN 129 – Nick Toons 444 – ABC Family HD
028 – Spike 130 – HUB 445 – Disney HD
029 – TNT 131 – Nick Jr. 446 – Science HD
030 – AMC 132 – Nick 2 447 – Disney XD HD
031 – TBS 133 – Nickelodeon 448 – NBC Sports HD
032 – HGTV 135 Disney XD 458 – Speed HD
033 – HSN 138 – Disney Jr. 451 – FX HD
034 – A&E 140 – MTV 2 452 – Spike HD
035 – History 141 – MTV 3 453 – Comedy Central HD
036 – Discovery 142 – MTV Jams 457 – E! HD
037 – TLC 143 – VH1 CL 458 – Travel HD
038 – Food 144 – VH1 SO 459 – Lifetime HD
039 – CNN 145 – CMT 464 – Bio HD
040 – Headline News 148 – Fuse 465 – Lifetime HD
041 – Weather 185 – MSNBC 466 – DAM HD
042 – Fox News 201 – PBS 468 – Hallmark HD
044 – CNBC 202 – PBS 469 – Fox Business HD
045 – FX 248 – Daystar 473 – MTV HD
046 – Animal Planet 256 – Hallmark Movie Network 474 – CH1 HD
047 – ESPN2 302 – HBO On Demand 475 – BET HD
048 – Golf 362 – DIYHD 476 – CMT HD
049 – Sundance 363 – Cooking HD 503 – HD Music On Demand
050 – MTV 382 – HUB HD 506 – On Demand HD
051 – VH1 384 – HSN HD
052- GAC 385 – Hallmark HD
053 – BET 386 – GMC HD
054 – Bravo 387 – ID HD
055 – TRU 388 – H2 HD
056 – Lifetime 389 – Nat Geo Wild HD
058 – Nickelodeon 390 – Red Zone HD
059 – ABC Family 396 – ESPN U HD
060 – WTHSCN 399 – MSNBC HD
061 – TBN 401 – FSN HD
062 – USA 402 – SUN HD
063 – E! 403 – ESPN HD
064 – Comedy Central 404 – ESPN 2 HD
065 – Travel 405 – Gold HD
068 – C-Span 406 – NFL HD
070 – Syfy 407 – TNT HD
096 – Univision 409 – Universal HD
098 – CMT 410 – A&E HD
099 – MSNBC 412 – Velocity HD
102 – ESPNews 413 – National Geographic HD
104 – C-Span2 414 – Food HD
105 – C-Span3 415 – HGTV HD
106 – Fox Business 416 – HBO HD
107 – Current 420 – USA HD

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